Cyd Ynni. Community energy in NW Wales shifting gear. Communities creating jobs. Have a look!

Who Cyd Ynni are as a group. More than the sum of its parts. Come and work with us!

Its been a few years since we created the Cyd Ynni network / consortium in NW Wales. the community energy companies of Ynni Ogwen, Ynni Padarn Peris, Ynni Anafon, Ynni Ocar  and Fferm Moelyci decided to share assets, gain more by working together and working on a cooperative future for all of our communities. The National Trust has been helping in back ground through sharing and enabling. As a group following the kick off project which was selecting Bethesda to trial the energy local trial as they were in the best place as a community to take this on. we have  also as group been tackling the Business rates debacle on community energy and cross fingers we should be there in the new financial year. We then bid to the EU Leader (Arloisi Gwynedd) fund for support to create our business plan. We got the support and this work was taken on by TGV’s  Chris Blake and supported by DEG’s Grant Peisley. In the mean time we also won last years Community Energy England and Wales award for partnership working. This is a long-winded way of saying that the Cyd Ynni concept has been successful in gaining £250k of BIG Lottery funding to enable, support and deliver a whole list of community energy projects (despite the government) in NW Wales. The fund is there to enable and to tackle the big problem in all community projects which is the ‘capacity to deliver at scale conundrum’ as we are all volunteers. This BIG Lottery fund project aims to deal with this through the creation of two new jobs and also be based in the best part of the UK (in the shadow of the Snowdonian mountains). Because of the uncertainties of state aid from this funding and its impact on the community energy companies DEG have kindly agreed to provide the back office and host for the funding. Have a look!

The Jobs can be found here… but hurry!  

We do good, ground breaking work! and we happen to be nice people who work with more nice people

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