Future-fit, not retrofit

Carrog Farm mid refurbishment. Ground source heat system installed with a mole ploughed glycol circuit. We have insulated the roof and added soffit line insulation. radiators have been oversized but still retaining the  cottages character

There have been to all intents and purpose old buildings and these buildings within the same caveats been modified with the ‘latest’ tech. I have used in the past the example of the latest heating system added to an old Welsh hall house which had the latest heating system modification added to is some hundred years after construction. You may be aware of the tech’ its called a chimney as opposed to a central hearth and this was fitted sometime in the early seventeenth century. We are doing the same but we do have an eye  to keeping the site true to its original design so that you can follow its evolution. Today and it was a very wet Ysbyty Ifan Estate I was looking with Emyr and Dan at two examples of these future fit jobs namely Carreg yr Ast farm with its new air source heat pump and Carrog farm mid work with its latest ground source heat pump. Stunning locations and buildings retaining much of their original character but with new tech’. I was there to also look at what next? Carreg yr Ast has put in the cabling for a new PV system to work with the air source system and I was also looking at my favourite subject namely a small peco hydro possibility for the stream flowing through the farm at Carrog. Lets see. More future fit to come I’m sure!

Carreg yr Ast ASHP installed on the gable of the building. no more oil on site. PV to come

Hmm. Flowing, falling water in the yard at the farm. This energy needs harnessing with a small peco hydro system but lets see…

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