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We have made over five million

Five million Kilowatt hours that is on our Snowdon hydro. Just a quick blog.  Or five Gigawatts if you speak big numbers. That’s the equivalent of a lot of renewable energy in two and a bit years!

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Eva, Desmond and Frank. They had an impact

Quick update on the Snowdon 660kw hydro. It has done well in the last 12 months. But really its has done well in its second year and especially in the last two months. The saying every cloud has a silver … Continue reading

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Can you build a cheap hydro? We have questions not answers and need help!

We have some funding to build a ‘cheap’ (in price not quality) pico hydro (<5kw). Can this be done? My conceptions before really looking into it are What is cheap? Is this per KWp installed or is this KWh over … Continue reading

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The day after yesterday… more and more rain. FLOODS at home

“I have never seen… that’s the deepest I have seen that… that road never floods… sorry can’t come for boxing day lunch with you Keith the village is cut off.” Was what i heard yesterday from friends and family. We … Continue reading

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Government consultation after consultation but its good to see tangible renewable energy projects being delivered!

  Raising my nose out of a spreadsheet and the latest report into what the future might or might not hold for us working at the sustainability coal face I popped over with Mr Southall to have a look at the … Continue reading

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Popping down to the South West to help and learn renewables from colleagues. The Welsh Pasty addicts

Its been a few sunny, snowy, thundery, rainy days down in Devon and Cornwall. As part of our wider heat and hydro remit in the National Trust Paul and I spent a few days in Cornwall and Devon looking, discussing and … Continue reading

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…and the next hydro please. National Trust latest undertaking. Small and equally as powerful.

Last Tuesday and after 18 months of work we received planning permission for our latest 100kw hydro. The Berthen stream in Snowdonia near the small town of Bethesda should be generating 420Mwh per annum by the end of next year. … Continue reading

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