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Climate change mitigation and getting off oil. Latest installment!

Thursday was a good day. we were invited by the Climate Change Environment and Rural Affairs Committee in Welsh government to show our plans, discussions and projects and so on Wednesday we had an NT and partners day. The weather … Continue reading

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Decisions, decisions… climate change, sea level rise, nuclear, heritage buildings, renewables, biodiversity, people… changing world

 Yesterday was one of those ‘interesting’ days with John, Kathy, Andy and Bryn. North Anglesey and the area around and between the old Wylfa Nuclear Power station and the Cemlyn Bay tidal lagoon. The factors, decisions and impacts affecting this area are … Continue reading

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Climate change and changing landscapes. National Trust properties

Its been a few weeks since the conveyor belt of storms culminated in the hurricane winds of Feb the 12/ 13th. I blogged earlier how the high winds and rain saturated ground had impacted one National Trust property in Snowdonia. … Continue reading

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Oh the sweet irony. Climate change stops a National Trust climate change project launch!

Today we were suppose to switch the lights off in all the mansions and castles in Wales as part of a pan European initiative which sees some of the most iconic buildings ‘do their bit’ in order to highlight the 10 … Continue reading

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