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EV charger points not keeping up with Electric Vehicle ever expanding capabilities

Yesterday I got to play with the latest generation of 200 mile plus of affordable electric vehicles. Namely the new Renault Zoe 40 (40 referring to the KWh size of the battery storage) This year will see the next generation of electric … Continue reading

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Energy Market going through some rough seas. Good for selling bad for buying

It’s been an interesting few months in the export business (generated electricity that is). The first of the predicted energy supply companies went to the wall this week. GB Energy had 150,000 customers (including my father in law!) and the … Continue reading

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Climate change mitigation and getting off oil. Latest installment!

Thursday was a good day. we were invited by the Climate Change Environment and Rural Affairs Committee in Welsh government to show our plans, discussions and projects and so on Wednesday we had an NT and partners day. The weather … Continue reading

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We have made over five million

Five million Kilowatt hours that is on our Snowdon hydro. Just a quick blog.  Or five Gigawatts if you speak big numbers. That’s the equivalent of a lot of renewable energy in two and a bit years!

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Getting off oil… down to the knitty gritty. Ground source heat pumps in some farms (with moles)

The NT in Wales are in the final stretch in terms of getting off oil on its heating in its in-hand buildings across Wales but we still have with a couple of years to go (as ever this is another blog) But … Continue reading

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Community energy flying or should I say digging in

It’s been a mad few months on community energy in this part of Wales. I am one of the founding directors of the first end to end community energy supply companies in UK and the smart meters are being installed … Continue reading

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Penrhyn Castle biomass. Hotting up and bye bye oil

I had a few minutes spare today and so popped over to have a look at how our new Penrhyn Castle biomass is progressing. The new building has a roof. Waiting for the PV system in a few weeks for … Continue reading

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