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Help!…which log stove to choose and what do you have to consider… lots!

I am on full log burning research at the moment. I’m halfway through building a Clay Oven in the garden, other log burning stuff being fixed (more later) but I have been doing quite a bit of research on which log stove to … Continue reading

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Keeping Tranmer Toasty with Biomass

In the East of England, we’re progressing well with the introduction of more renewable systems and getting off oil and other fossil fuels. Our renewables Project Manager, Dee Nunn, tells us about the new biomass boiler at Sutton Hoo… This … Continue reading

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Climate change mitigation and getting off oil. Latest installment!

Thursday was a good day. we were invited by the Climate Change Environment and Rural Affairs Committee in Welsh government to show our plans, discussions and projects and so on Wednesday we had an NT and partners day. The weather … Continue reading

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Penrhyn Castle biomass. Hotting up and bye bye oil

I had a few minutes spare today and so popped over to have a look at how our new Penrhyn Castle biomass is progressing. The new building has a roof. Waiting for the PV system in a few weeks for … Continue reading

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Renewable energy pipe dreams

A pipe dream is according to those in the know ‘an unattainable or fanciful hope or scheme’ I suppose i have misquoted as our dreams over here are being delivered through pipes… and cables, and buildings and most of all … Continue reading

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Last major property in NT Wales getting off oil – Devil in the detail (again)

Penrhyn Castle biomass project is now into implementation and delivery, and as always devil is in the detail – in this case about 38 tonnes of detail with many wheels. Elgan the project manager’s first challenge was to ensure that … Continue reading

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Northern Rail, Windsor Great park – sharing and learning with us

Its been an interesting couple of weeks as part of the Fit for the Future network we helped set up a couple of years ago. Two weeks ago we put a call out to the membership of the network for … Continue reading

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